it's too relatable. far too relatable by far

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would love to see this "chaotic art"!! :)

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Tell me more about seaweed.

But seriously, I love how your words and images combine to create experiences that resonate so much (not just for me, I feel safe to say).

Also, I do like the weird sea monsters you posted some time ago!

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dear nate,

thank you for this.

looking forward to all the stories.

looking NOWward at THIS beautiful story.

maybe you'll tell a story about all those moths.

maybe you'll get to tell that story at a story-telling show.

maybe the show called The Moth.

also, i think there might be a market for "unmarketable chaotic art."

an internal one for sure, if not an external one.

excited to see it!

thanks for all,


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thank you so much for this. this is exactly what I'm working on in therapy right now. it feels so much better to not be alone (as I avoid grading papers by reading comics)

remember, take away shame's SSSSSS and EEEEEEEE and you have more ham to enjoy

also I like the chaotic art fish with the intense eyes

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I needed to read this, I think. I'm not there yet, but, I hope you're gonna be able to tell the stories you want without that pressure of being "productive the right way".

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I needed this comic today (and many days prior to this day) so badly. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability :)

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I feel this so hard. Thank you for sharing this. It's something I've been struggling with like crazy, and it's nice to know I'm not alone.

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I think "unmarketable chaotic art" might be marketable to me :)

Ever since the first lockdowns, choosing between self-care (this includes exploring my special interests) and productivity have been increasingly difficult for me. These days I spend a significant amount of my working hours reading DnD 5e books (I've only played up to 4e, with the exception of two 5e sessions when it first came out.)

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this is the right comic at the right time. thanks, nate! <33

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Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I, really relate to these feelings of shame and burnout and not even being able to take time off from work because you feel guilty for not working...

Also "it's been really hard just to be a person lately" hits particularly hard.

Take care <3

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this is painfully relatable, but I really need to know, given that you're now an expert on ham - should I eat more ham? or less ham?

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DEEEEPLY relatable. Also, thank you for introducing me to the concept of ADHD doubling! Something I've never heard of but have absolutely been doing for years.

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Burnouts so frustrating it’s like even if you’re almost done with whatever there’s no way to reason with it. It’s so hard to get out of that rut too if the work is still there bc it’s like you just can’t.

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When you start the day sure that you're gonna get so much work done, and by the end of the day you know how to make Roman concrete from rocks, mud, and wood in the wilderness but like no work got done whatsoever.

Thanks, as always, for these. Helps make me feel less insane xux

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