More rainbows!!!!

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This, along with the corresponding scheming pose, immediately cracked me up.

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This made me very happy.

Sorry that the show left you burnt out (although I'm not surprised). I'm glad you're recapturing your sense of joy, fun, and delight in your own art.

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Couldn't have said it better - this comic really has a sense of joy in embracing whatever drives you at the moment and it really puts a smile on my face. Thank you Nate for this small peek into your madgeniusification process :D

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“How do I want to spend the last 20 minutes of my life” is basically how every pre-Zoom meeting pep talk goes for me

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Ok this is giving The Tiger, Nael Age 6 from Theyre Singing a Song in Their Rocket

The Nate

He destroyed his cage



The Nate is out

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wonderful as always!

specific things i love include:

"more rainbows"!

(always more rainbows, please)

"i hope these are real words"!

(i'm glad that THESE ones are!)

"how do i want to spend the last twenty minutes of my life"!

(a good eternal question!)

"i'm fine & normal"!

(very relatable content. we are all very fine and very normal in similar, resonant ways to how you describe here!)

"super cathartic"!

(i'm very glad to hear!)

"i need to send an email at 4am"!

(glad to receive all of this at a daytime hour!)

"...whatever this is"

(love everywhatever this all is!)

"a mad genius... with a typewriter"!

(love a good analog genius)

thank you for sharing as always!

(extra unnecessary parenthetical here... love to all!)

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This is super relatable. I'm glad you're just kind of going with it now and exploring the joy of art again

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Hahahaha is fun see u drawing yourself

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Hey I’ve got a typewriter collection with like 4-5 typewriters. Lmk if something breaks or some shit and I’d be happy to help.

Also, hell yeah! Be a weird little creecher who gets sudden bursts of inspiration at 2am and creates something so fucking cool it becomes an anomaly in the space-time continuum! Make a character who’s just a paladin that uses ceremonial armor and everything about him says Jim from Accountimg who Fucked Up The Printer and Ruined Everyone’s Data! U go u crazy little gremlin!

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Reading these are the highlight of my week 😊

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You drawing creepy deep-sea creatures and you finding it cathartic gives me hope that me currently drawing creepy raven's after burning out is OK 👍 I get a real gilt trip for not producing 'real art', like you said about art that is marketable. But in art therapy they say "trust the process" and hopefully you will find this path healing.

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Very relatable at the moment 😶‍🌫️

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Good luck for anything you want to do in the future <3

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Very much obsessed with the last panel xD

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More rainbows.

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I love your deep sea creatures! Your new art style is so choice. Like that comic about being bipolar with the boat? I think about some of the panels a lot, both the meaning and the style

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