love it, as always!

specific things i love include:

-- million year old faucet (VERY RELATABLE CONTENT)

-- how hard can it be! (WONDERFUL FORESHADOWING)

-- gaskets (HEARD OF THEM!)

-- the wreckage of the titanic (PLOT TWIST!)

-- while expressing your existential terror (WOULD LOVE FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO SAY THIS)

-- penetrating oil (NEVER HEARD OF IT! YOU ARE INDEED A HERO!)

-- questionable can (RELATABLE AGAIN AND STILL!)

-- gasket 1 nate 0 (I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY LAPTOP)

-- like and subscribe (I DO!)


-- what i had to (!!!!!!!!!!)


-- klunk klunk klunk (THERE IT IS!)


thank you for your service!

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The “What I had to do” panel. Cinema. I can almost hear the soundtrack.

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We have a superhero in the family named Middle Aged Man. I love that you all share the same superpowers, while bridging the generational divide.

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* shudders when seeing the wreckage of the Titanic *

I did laugh a lot though, congrats on achieving the DAWN OF A NEW DAY title card resulting in an actual working faucet, I'm amazed.

(Special mention to The Parmesan Panel :'D)

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Laughing so hard I’m crying… while sitting next to the giant hole in my bathroom wall covered in tape and plastic because my sink and toilet broke this week.

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Dudes named Josh that upload videos covering a specific of DIY/repair problem you’re working on are the backbone of America. You may only have 517 views Joshes but you have a million in my heart.

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Literally tried to do this a few months ago but the apartment doesn’t want us using power tools... (sooo I accidentally cracked the basin of the sink)

At least one butch succeeded where another failed?

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Martial law declared under the sink lmao it’s gotta be that way sometimes

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butch hero!!

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Great comic! Your cartooning is marvelous, love the emotion you’re applying to the mundane

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Every. Single. Home improvement project I've ever done. My rule is to now double my inital time estimate and make sure I have ALL my tools handy, not just the ones I think I'll need.

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Nov 17, 2022·edited Nov 17, 2022

OOOF this perfectly encapsulates what my experience was like changing a flat tire for the first time- except I was also stranded, I had a project due midnight that night, and my car was parked illegally in a university administrator's spot. So yeah- there was definitely an added element of time pressure.

Luckily before I was quite reduced to shredding the bolts holding my tire in place (like parmesan), a random teenager who had been skateboarding around campus stopped by and offered to help. He was able to get the five bolts I'd been struggling with for hours off without breaking a sweat, gave me some tips that were nowhere in the guides I had been scouring but turned out to be very helpful, and then disappeared into the ether.

So yeah I am definitely not yet the butch hero I aspire to be. But I can say that Hermes, patron of roads and protector of travelers, has NOTHING on Giovanni the high-schooler with the skateboard.

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this was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end what a great hero to root for

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I'm renting, no home-ownership here (insurance and top surgery first insha'allah) but my kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet are janked up af and everyday I look at them like


"i can fix it.


"i don't own a single tool but like i can do it. in a day. easy."

We do have 1 more bathroom faucet so it would be okay

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When they say "He Is Greater Than I" they're talking about this

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As the guy working at the local hardware store who sends people home with the "correct" plumbing supplies and "expert advice" thank you for revealing what happens on the other end. Also, on behalf of your local hardware store guy, I'm sorry.

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